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Published on September 20, 2017
iPhone X will be unique amongst iPhones. It will be the only iPhone to feature a "notch" at the top of it's display. The iPhone X notch is used to house components necessary for various phone features. The iPhone X notch allows for the advanced facial recognition capabilities Apple described in it's keynote. In this video I try out an app capable of overlaying the iPhone X "notch" onto any Android smartphone. In this video I tested the software based notch on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Essential phone. The app is called XOutOf10 and it's available for free in the Google Play store. Go try it out and see how your phone looks with an iPhone X notch at the top.

The question to you is this... Does the notched out design of the iPhone X bother you. Are you more likely to purchase an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus because of the notch. Or, are you likely to make the switch to Android, to one of the devices featured here?

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